The Project

Oura is a tailorable, portable, and inexpensive indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring device with customizable features for the immunocompromised and those living in vulnerable areas. Oura also includes a complimentary app that utilizes machine learning to tailor the detector to its user based on health conditions and sends air quality notifications to any of the user's caregivers. Website: breatheoura.com


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

Living in Los Angeles has opened our eyes (and lungs) to the severity of the problem. According to recent statistics, Los Angeles has some of the worst air quality levels in the nation. From our school's campus, we are able to see the layer of smog that shrouds the LA skyline every single day!

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

We faced lots of barriers while building our device due to our lack of experience with the ESP32 and case design. To overcome these challenges, we delegated tasks according to each of our skillsets, contacted qualified air quality researchers, and accumulated knowledge from tutorials online.

Next time, we would...

In the future, we plan to condense the circuit by creating a PCB version of it. We also plan to connect the circuit to an ESP-32 feather module, so that it can be powered without a cable, and make the device wearable to increase its effectiveness, portability, and accuracy.

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Judge Feedback

Some great prototyping and use of data. Looks like they worked really well with the team. Love the way they thought about the wearable device and the case for it. I would buy one of these.

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