Coolest Projects participant showing her robot arm

Guidance for mentors

Help young people bring their ideas to life and test their creations before they share them with the world.

Youth workbook

This youth workbook will help young creators explore ideas, develop their design thinking, and stay focused on making a super cool project they can share with others.

Example pages from the Youth workbook

Session plans

These slides are designed to support mentors to lead awesome young people through their Coolest Projects journey.

Stage 1: Introduction to Coolest Projects and Idea Generation
Learn more about Coolest Projects and start to generate some project ideas with these helpful tips. View our guide to stage one.

Stage 2: Design and Create
Think back on your ideas and get started with your chosen project. View our guide to stage two.

Stage 3: Test and Debug
Testing is an important part of the design process. Find and fix those sneaky bugs in your code! View our guide to stage three.

Stage 4: Present and Register
It's your time to shine and share your project with the world. Tell us all about your project and register it to appear in our global creator's gallery. View our guide to stage four.

A group of girls and boys work on a project at a laptop at a table.

Mentor plan

We've created a mentor guidance plan to help you support young people who participate in Coolest Projects.

Example page from mentor plan

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