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Frequently asked questions

Here’s everything you need to know about the Coolest Projects online showcase.

What is Coolest Projects?

Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology showcase for young people. It's a unique opportunity to get creative, have fun, and celebrate ingenuity.

Coolest Projects is a worldwide, online event. It’s open to all young digital tech creators up to age 18, from anywhere in the world, and it’s completely free!

How can I enter?

Registration for the Coolest Projects online showcase and the Coolest Projects Ireland event are now closed - check out the incredible projects from 2023 in the showcase gallery!

Can I take part if English is not my first language?

Projects should be presented in English (written English for Scratch projects, and spoken or written English for video submissions). You can ask someone to present or translate for you, or you can use subtitles.

What are the project categories?

The categories relate to the technology you use to create your project. You may only select one category during registration. The categories are Scratch, Hardware, Mobile Apps, Web, Games, and Advanced Programming. You can read more about these categories here.

If you make your project in Scratch, you must enter your project in the Scratch category, even if it’s a game.

For all other categories (Hardware, Mobile Apps, Web, Games, and Advanced Programming), you need to make a short video (maximum of two minutes) in which you screen share your project and code. If you want, you can answer the registration form questions about your project in your video.

If you enter a project in the Mobile Apps category, you may wish to use an app emulator in your video.

How will my project be judged?

The judging process has two phases: shortlisting and the final selection of judges’ favourites.

During the shortlisting phase, your project will be reviewed twice. The judges will give each project a score out of 10 for each criteria: Coolness, Complexity, Presentation and Communication, and Design and Usability. For the Presentation and Communication scores, the judges will take into account that Scratch projects will be presented differently to projects in all other categories. The shortlist will then be reviewed by our panel of VIP judges to select their favourites.

Here are the questions the judges will use to review each project:


  • Does the project ‘wow’ you?
  • Are you surprised or excited by the project idea?
  • Is it something you’d be proud to show to other people?
  • Is it original or unique in some way?
  • Does it communicate the personality of its creators?


  • How ambitious is the project (both in terms of the idea behind it and its execution)?
  • How many processes have the creator(s) followed to make the project?
  • What level of technical knowledge have they demonstrated?
  • How difficult do you think it was for the creator(s) to make this project?

Presentation and Communication

  • How effectively have the creator(s) communicated the idea behind their project and the function(s) it is intended to serve?
  • How much care and attention has gone into the visual design of the project? Does it look cool?
  • How well have the creator(s) answered the three questions asked in the registration form?

Design and Usability

  • Does the project work in the way it’s intended to?
  • Is the project user-friendly?
  • Would people have fun interacting with it?
  • How easy is it to use the project for its intended purpose?

Remember: Projects don’t need to be finished, but you should ensure that you are happy with your project before you register it, as we are unable to upload any changes after submission.

Your project can only be judged properly if we can view and fully understand your project, so check the following before you register:

  • The link to your Scratch project or video must be set to 'public', as the judges want to see your project!
  • You must answer all three questions in your project. Your answers need to be in English, as the judges all understand English. You can ask someone to translate for you if you need to, and you can use subtitles.

Is my project eligible?

To make sure that your project can be showcased in the Coolest Projects gallery:

You must be eligible to take part.

If you’re up to 18 years old and you have made a cool project involving technology, you can join in. You can work on your project as an individual or as part of a team of up to five young people.

Your project must be new or significantly changed from last time.

You must not have registered the same project in another Coolest Projects event (e.g. Coolest Projects 2022) or you must have made a big change to your project since it was last registered.

Your project does not need to be finished!

All projects are welcome, from beginner to advanced, in any programming language and using whatever hardware you have available. Don’t worry if your project is not 100% complete — we love to see prototypes and works in progress.

Your project must include the answers to these three questions:

  1. Tell us about your project. Why did you choose to make this project?
  2. What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out?
  3. Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time?

We will ask you for these answers in the registration form, but we'd love to see you explain them in your video too.

Your project and answers must be in English.

Your project description must be in English. You can ask someone to translate for you if you need to, or you can use subtitles.

Your project must be shared so that it can be viewed by other people.

Ask your parents or guardians for permission to upload and share your project. If you are younger than 13, ask your parents or guardians to upload and share your project on your behalf.

Once your project is approved by our moderators, it will be available for the whole world to see.

What are some example topics?

My project relates to a problem in my community
Choose the Community topic if your project is designed to increase awareness of (or solve) a problem you have noticed in our society and feel is important. This could relate to mental illness, homelessness, discrimination, or social justice, or it could address any sort of condition or lack of behaviour that has negative consequences for a group in your community.

My project relates to the environment
Choose the Environment topic if your project is designed to increase awareness of environmental issues or solve problems that are important to maintaining or repairing our natural environment. This could be related to earth science, climate change, nature, biodiversity, or other environmental topics.

My project is about health, wellbeing, or medicine
Choose the Health topic if your project is designed to raise awareness of (or solve) problems that are important to the health and wellbeing of people in our society. This could be related to COVID-19, healthy lifestyles, diet, exercise, disease, treatment, prevention, or other health and wellbeing topics.

My project is all about having fun
Choose the Fun topic if your project is designed to entertain people who engage with it. It could help people relax, have fun, or think about something they enjoy. This could be a game, film, story, toy, or any other entertaining and engaging digital object.

My project is artistic or creative
Choose the Art topic if your project is a creative piece designed to be appreciated for the beauty or emotional power of its sounds and visuals, with or without interaction from the audience. This could be a piece of music, visual art, an animation, a drawing, a collage, a film, or any other aesthetically interesting digital object.

My project teaches people about something
Choose the Education topic if your project is designed to help people learn something, practise skills, or to impart knowledge to the user. This could be a game, a film, a story, a quiz, an animation, or any other educational digital object.

My project is about me, my family, or my culture
Choose the Identity topic if your project is designed to share with the user an aspect of your life, culture, or personality that is important to you. This could be related to your beliefs, the cultural or social norms where you live, your personal or gender identity, or anything else about your life that is personal to you or someone close to you.

Project Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure your project can be accepted:

- I am 18 years old or younger.
- I did not register this project before or I have made a big change to this project since last time.
- I am only registering one project.
- My project is displayed or presented in English.
- My video shows my project and the code that I used to make it. (Not needed for Scratch projects.)
- If I am 13 years old or older, I have uploaded my video to YouTube or Vimeo or if I'm younger than 13, I have asked my parents or guardians to upload my video to YouTube or Vimeo on my behalf. (Not needed for Scratch projects.)
- I have disabled comments.
- The link to my project is not private, and I have checked that my project can be viewed by anyone.

Good luck!