Bee: The Ultimate Medical Solution

The Project

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, the importance of healthcare was already well-noted. Now, it is mainstream. We can all see the dangerous and life-threatening work that healthcare workers and front-line workers do. In a hospital with so many patients who need attention, 5 minutes can be the difference between life and death. The nurse has to go to each patient's room and must do simple measurements that a computer could do, when she could be saving time by helping patients. This is the idea that inspires me. I want to help. That is why I put my tinkering knowledge to test and challenged myself to think of a medical device that could help hospitals save time by automating the measurement of things like EMG, Heart rate etc. My medical device will save the time in minutes and save lives in the thousands. My idea is to create separate, no-wires needed, Internet of Thing devices or "bees", hence the name of my device. The "bees" would be connected to a "hive", in this case the AWS cloud, where the health data would be saved and could be accessed by any healthcare official. As mentioned in the above section, this would save time for the nurse and healthcare workers so they can channel their attention to helping and taking care of more patients. Bee is The Ultimate Medical solution that will save precious time in hospitals.


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