Safe Haven

The Project

Safe Haven is a technology solution for enforcing social distancing measures in public places. One day I visited the supermarket with my parents during the global pandemic. The supermarket seemed to have implemented some measures for social distancing, but it was still not able to enforce them or monitor them. This got me thinking as to how I could improve upon the measures. I made a list of additional measures that can be implemented: • Automatic body temperature detection at the door and entry allowed if it is within norms • Proximity based sensor for all shopping trolleys to provide alert in case another cart is too close • Monitoring of number of spots in check out queue & number of people standing to enforce proper distance between shoppers • Motion capture via close circuit camera and identify red zones where improvement can be done The purpose of this project was to build and test a mock-up of a public place like office or school cafeteria, post office, supermarkets etc. that is equipped with various technologies needed to make it compliant to social distancing norms and other COVID 19 preventive measures like temperature screening etc.


About the team

  • Ireland
  • Code Club

Team members

  • Adarsh
  • Smaran