The Project

Odko is a minimal graphical programming language. You have blocks as rows in columns, you then connect the blocks mostly linearly and the program is executed in parallel in that order. Each block contains a single value or command and arguments for it, it then passes what it returns down to the connected block(s), because odko is event-driven each line should start with an event command, and then when that event occurs the program branches out from that first block by activating the connected blocks. https://github.com/comfies/odko (i haven't _explicitly_ answered the 3 questions because i made sure they all naturally flowed into how i wanted to talk about odko :) ) (also major apologies for the quality of video, i do not have a well-lit room so i had to figure out a way to remove as much visual noise as possible, it's also in 4:3 because it's the superior aspect ratio and i had to crop my plates out of frame they were on my desk)


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