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My School has a teacher's portal, a parent's portal but nothing for us the kids. I have designed an ePortal to address this issue. Signing up to the portal is done by an administrator, after which pupils have their own private area where they are able to alter passwords, upload pictures and look at their activities from any computer. Within the portal, pupils, identifying themselves with an RFID wristband, can scan out books from the School library (first time the library has been digitised) using a barcode scanner linked to a Google books API. For each book returned on time a point is earnt (and loses a point for each late return). These points can later be redeemed at the school office for merchandise e.g. a free pencil, personalised 3d printed keyring etc.. Pupils can then use the platform to enter and leave (self-register) the nearby woods (next to the school), using their RFID wrist band, allowing teachers to instantly see who is in the woods at any one time. I have created this web-based platform using a Firebase database at its backend and using Java Script, HTML, CSS and Python to give functionality. The code is too extensive for a video so please see the GitHub repo: . It's really exciting, as at last we have our own pupils area. Next, I am hoping to develop an App to allow teachers and students to access the ePortal.

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