Trash Boat Collector

The Project

The Trash Boat Collector is a machine that picks up trash in the ocean, lakes, and rivers. The Trash Boat Collector helps stop the spread of pollution and helps protect animals that need clean water to survive. This will lead to a better environment for all living things on earth.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

The global goal we wanted to address is how people, wildlife, and plants depend on clean water. Without clean water life would almost be impossible. Pollution to our water sources is a major problem to oceans, rivers and lakes. This is why we created a boat that collects trash.

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

We had to 3D print our boat about 10 times due to the some of the components not fitting in correctly. We also initially had some coding issues that prevented the boat from moving forward but we able to work through it and eventually figuring out the solution.

Next time, we would...

Next time, we would like to make our boat solar power. Possible printing boat that is see though so we could collect sunlight to power to boat.

About the team

  • United States

Team members

  • Jayden Murillo
  • Jannely