Cluggy saves the trees

The Project

Cluggy is a character and is making you grow as many trees as are cut for the papers you use every year. 1. Cluggy is a character who is worried about the trees. She wants you to plant some trees. She calculates the number of trees cut for the papers you use each year and wants you to plant that many so that all the trees used are replaced. 2. The sizing and placing of my sprites, specially the ones with many costumes was really hard for me. Other than this, I also found it hard to find out how to find out if an answer is a number or not. 3. If I could do more, I would let the user choose what kind of tree the user wants to plant and where he wants to plant it, like a forest or near a river or near a beach. Also, I would want to show what will happen if we don't plant trees.


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