Nature : A Platformer

The Project

The nature was all very calm and beautiful. There were massive trees, pretty flowers and all was well. But one day there came the ' The Evil Lord '! He placed fire and lava every where. Now the nature is very ugly full of spikes and lava. It is you who can help the nature spirits to win back their nature.... Instructions : Use right and left arrows to go through the portals. Up arrow to jump. Avoid the spikes and lava AND survive.... .Why did you choose to make it? • I wanted to make something out of the common as I always made ordinary games. And in this project the ' Evil Lord ' places spikes and lava everywhere, like we throw plastic and polythene to the nature. I wanted people to understand not to destroy the nature. 2.What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out? • I had problems with the broadcasting part and I got help from my family. • I also had many problems with the art and things, but I put a lot of effort in it and made it nice as possible. 3.Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time? • No


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