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Its a Video game for children's 1. First of all , the main reason is this is my favourite game . You can say that I am little addicted to this game . And this is interesting game for children . And why only children even adults can play this game. And in this pandemic children are stuck in home , they can't go to play outside . They can play this game and also can learn to play. 2. The main problem was time management . There was very less time because I know about this project before 1 day of submission . But I hurried up and somehow managed the time . And I faced few problems because I have just started to learn coding . But I tried to develop my skills in coding. 3. Yes, I would have made this project differently if I had more time . I would have totally changed my project. I would have chose another category which is hardware . But because of less time and also because stationary shops are closed , I wasn't able to make hardware project. And another option I would have chose was games category. In which I had made a real game like other games we play on android devices.


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