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Where your idea meets the world!

Whether it's big, small, weird, wonderful, a work-in-progress, or a world-beating idea, we'll give you the opportunity to show your project to our incredible community of makers.


Join us for the Coolest Projects celebratory livestream at 16:00 BST on 6 June 2023! Celebrate all the incredible projects made by young tech creators in the 2023 online showcase and find out which projects were picked as favourites by our VIP judges.

We'll be streaming live to Youtube and Twitter on the day - see you there!

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What is Coolest Projects?

Coolest Projects is a celebration of young digital creators and the amazing things they make with technology. There's an annual worldwide, online Coolest Projects showcase and in-person Coolest Projects events also take place in several countries.

Registration for the 2023 Coolest Projects online showcase is now closed! See all the incredible projects from young creators in the showcase gallery.

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Coolest Projects Ireland

If you’re a young tech creator resident in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, then Coolest Projects is coming to your doorstep! Coolest Projects Ireland is an in-person event on 1 July 2023 where we celebrate incredible creators up to age 18 and the amazing things you’ve made with code. Find out more and get involved!

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A Coolest Projects team standing by their project.

“I love to see the different projects and the people from all over the world, who come to show the things that inside are very similar but in practice are very different and have many different uses.”

Raul, Madrid

“I think it's a really good way to see other people’s projects and I think it has really helped me get a view of how much there is involved in building technology.”

George, UK

“To any kids that are looking to enter a project in Coolest Projects, I would definitely encourage them to go in with an open mind.”

Kavi, USA

Coding with Commitment

The Broadcom Coding with Commitment Special Award is inspiring young creators to use code to help their community.

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Wanted: Girls who code

Coolest Projects is an inclusive, encouraging environment where young makers can shine a light on their creations — big or small.

Two girls and two boys work on a technology project together.


These companies are empowering young people to become technology creators. Get in touch with [email protected] to find out more.

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