Coolest Projects Global

Bring your tech idea to life and share your project with the world. Registration opens 14 February 2022.


What is Coolest Projects?

Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology showcase for young people. It's a unique opportunity to get creative, have fun, and celebrate ingenuity.

Projects will be showcased in the gallery for people all over the world to see! Coolest Projects Global is free and open to creators up to the age of 18, wherever they are in the world. Registration opens 14 February 2022.

What's new in 2022

Thanks to all the feedback from past creators, the experience is better than ever this year:

  • Creators will receive project feedback from the judges
  • Creators will be eligible to receive limited-edition digital and physical swag
  • Creators will be able to categorise their project into topics such as health, environment, community, art, and more
  • Creators who have projects selected as favourites by the VIP judges will receive a celebratory medal

“I love to see the different projects and the people from all over the world, who come to show the things that inside are very similar but in practice are very different and have many different uses.”

Raul, Madrid

“I think it's a really good way to see other people’s projects and I think it has really helped me get a view of how much there is involved in building technology.”

George, UK

“To any kids that are looking to enter a project in Coolest Projects, I would definitely encourage them to go in with an open mind.”

Kavi, USA