UVBuddy - An App for Skin Cancer Awareness

The Project

Our app, UVBuddy, notifies and tracks sunscreen usage for users. By monitoring their location and sunscreen brand, the app can determine the weather and calculate a unique reapplication time for each user. This data is derived from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)'s recommendation of a 2-hour reapplication interval for sunscreen. It is adjusted based on the ultraviolet level at the user's location and the strength of their sunscreen (SPF level and brand). This information is presented as a timer within the app and sends notifications to the user's iOS device via rings, banners, and a home screen message, ensuring that the notification is not missed and allowing the user to reapply their sunscreen to protect their skin's safety.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

Skin cancer, the most common cancer in the US, with nearly 9,500 daily cases, is a pressing concern exacerbated by misinformation. The risk is even more heightened in places like our hometown, Las Vegas, where the UV index regularly exceeds 11.9. Misconceptions, like sunscreen application frequency

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

Navigating the process of learning Swift for UVBuddy was challenging due to time constraints and lack of mentorship. We encountered difficulties with accessing user location for implementing a location tracking feature to determine UV index levels. Additionally, accessing SPF and sunscreen ingredien

Next time, we would...

In our current app, we've made strides in educating users about sunscreen use and providing a simple tracking tool. However, for a 2.0 version, we aim to enhance the user interface for a more polished look. Additionally, we plan to integrate a feature enabling users to directly consult dermatologist

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