Evergreen - A 3D Platformer

The Project

I tried my best to satisfy all the criteria for making my project one of its kind:- Coolness:- Evergreen is a 100% 3D platformer. Cool enough, I hope. 🙂 Complexity:- This project has 4214 blocks and 5 progressive levels. It was REALLY complex and challenging to knit all the mechanisms together. Design and Usability:- Apologies for the quality of graphics but it's the best I could do in Scratch. I could have done better had there been a bit more time for research for better and faster methods. As for usability, I have used conventional control schemes for gameplay. Run this project on TurboWarp to see it at full speed: https://turbowarp.org/1023351167?fps=250&limitless


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

The world is facing major environmental degradation. We need to stop this before its too late. India in particular is facing a MASSIVE heatwave already! I was determined to spread awareness. I also love game development in Scratch. You can see how I mixed both to create Evergreen.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

Everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! From devising a decent triangle filling algorithm to fixing annoying mistakes I made related to delta time, collisions, physics etc. Plus, I had to balance my coding time and study time. In the end, however, I managed it all. Yay! 🙂

Next time, I would...

I would probably make Evergreen Part 2 or a more optimized version of Evergreen. It would be delightful if you could support my projects with some loves, faves and follows. 🙂

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