The John Smeaton 300 Lighthouse Challenge!

The Project

Pico must fix the Smeaton Lighthouse and save the day! This game was created by young people aged 7 - 11 at Leeds Libraries' Code Clubs to celebrate the 300th anniversary of John Smeaton's birth. Often referred to as the father of civil engineering, John Smeaton was a pioneering engineer who designed many bridges, canals, harbours and lighthouses. We have used a Smeaton lighthouse as the inspiration for this game. Each Code Club attendee designed one level which we have put together for you to enjoy!


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

We wanted to run a project that all our code clubs at libraries around our city could collaborate on. It also celebrated the 300th anniversary of one of Leeds' famous sons, John Smeaton, so the children learned about their local history as well as developing skills!

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

Bringing each individually designed level into one overall project was very challenging. We set some parameters at the start - everyone using Pico, all platforms to be perfect black - so that one line of code would work for all projects.

Next time, we would...

More levels!

About the team

  • United Kingdom

Team members

  • Leeds Central Library
  • Garforth Library
  • Hunslet Library
  • Compton Library
  • Seacroft and Bramley Library