Coal mining automation project using Arduino

The Project

People often get affected by the hazardous gases that are released while they work in coal mines. This coal mining automation prototype in reality will save millions of coal miner's lives.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

I strongly believe that my contribution to scientific community should be meaningful and help in saving lives. In recent tragic incident around 10 workers were stuck in a tunnel. In-order to avoid such life threatening situations I feel such inventions are required.

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

I failed several times but never gave up until the objective was achieved. I realized the shortcomings of my project and restarted from scratch every time I failed.

Next time, we would...

If I had some more time and resources I wish to build a real super robot that can actually be functional in real-time that can save millions of workers working at coal mines.

About the team

  • India

Team members

  • Sanvi
  • Soham