Make Internet a Safer Place for Children

The Project

My project is a cybersecurity awareness website for children containing advice on how to identify online dangers like phishing, cyberbullying, fake news and other. I want to teach children from all over the world about cybersecurity, how to stay safe online especially now, when we all stay online a lot due to the pandemic. Children should know how to protect their accounts using strong passwords and 2 step authentication, how to detect a phishing email, what to do if they are cyberbullied, how to protect their private data and how to spot fake news. My website can be read in any language, using Google translate so that any child from any country could learn this information. It was hard to gather so much information from different websites about cybersecurity and to find a way to translate the text from the site. I searched for ways to do the translations and eventually I used a Javascript code for translating. I'm not very happy with the way Google is translating, but I did not find any other way yet. If I had more time, I would have added some multichoice online safety quizzes to test your current cybersecurity knowledge, but this can be implemented using advanced JavaScript and I am still a noob at programming in Javascript.


About the team

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