Safe Circle

The Project

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, My family and I wanted to go for walks and cycles within our 2km limit. While tools existed that could visualise our travel restrictions on a map, we found that they didn’t fit our needs because we had to try and remember where our boundaries were once we left home. We thought that an app that showed our “Safe Circle” even when we left home and triggered an alarm whenever we left our “Safe Circle” would much better fit our needs. And so I built Safe Circle. Safe Circle alerts you when you leave your travel limit, allows you to view your travel limit on a map as you move and also allows you to manually set your travel limit. I built Safe Circle using Flutter which is a UI toolkit for building mobile apps that uses the Dart programming language You can view the source code at The app is released on the Google Play Store. You can either search Safe Circle on the Play Store or go to


About the team

  • Ireland
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Team members

  • Dillon