Smart farm

The Project

Products include models of cattle sheds that help regulate the temperature of animals, feed on time and check for diseases. There is also a fish pond model combined with the function of testing the pH of the water. Finally, the product also has a vegetable garden model with the function of detecting wilted vegetables and diseases for timely resolution.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

Due to the fact that technology in Vietnam has not been developed, farmers also do not have enough human resources and time to take care of livestock and plants, leading to disease and death of livestock/plants, seriously reducing revenue.

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

Multi-function model so it is difficult to assemble micro:bit circuits with sensors. Since then, the stage of product testing also takes more time and is more complicated.

Next time, we would...

In the future, we will research and implement practical models to help people in farming and animal husbandry.

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