Street Clean

The Project

A video game on the Unity engine that teaches kids about the importance of cleaning up after themselves and looking after the environment. A 2D, side-scrolling platformer. This was our first attempt at using the Unity game engine to make a game and we are looking forward to making many more games on Unity in the future! 1) Why did we choose to make this project? We wanted to challenge ourselves and learn something new and different (after having made quite a few games on Scratch and some on Python over the last couple of years). We both love video games and wanted to learn how to use an industry level engine, such as Unity, to create our own game. We also wanted to promote looking after the environment by encouraging others to clean up rubbish. 2) What did we find difficult while making our project and how did we work it out? By far, the most difficult part involved issues with devices and networks. We had another similar project that we had spent over a month on but this was somehow deleted in the days before entering the competition. We spent an afternoon frantically trying to put together a similar game that demonstrated what we had learned so far. We hadn't really used a platform like this before so watched plenty of tutorials so we could learn new skills (especially in terms of script editing/coding) and apply them to our own project. 3) Is there anything we would do differently or you would add if we had more time? If we had more time, we would improve the physics of each sprite so that move more naturally and predictably. We would enhance the game world and add a side-scrolling function. We would add point-scoring and health variables to strengthen our gameplay loop. This would add clear objectives to our game and make it much more fun, challenging and engaging.


About the team

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