Curiosity Station - An IoT Weather Station Powered by 100% Renewable Energy!

The Project

This is an IoT weather station powered by 100% renewable energy! It uses the Particle IoT platform to connect to the iOS app that I built using Xcode and Swift. It has an anemometer, wind wane, rain gauge as well as temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, uv and light sensors. It charges its built in Li-Po battery with the solar panel! It's powered by the Wi-Fi enabled Particle Photon IoT development board. You can connect to the station anywhere using an iOS device with a network connection, as long as the station is also online. You put the station outside, it charges the battery using the solar panel, and it reports weather data to the cloud without any battery swaps along the way. This means you can set the station to somewhere far away and monitor the weather from wherever you are without worrying about maintenance. One downside though is that the station needs to be within Wi-Fi range to be able to report, but my next goal on this project is to add cellular data!


About the team

  • Turkey

Team members

  • Mehmet Bertan