Artwork Protection with Raspberry Pi

The Project

You can protect your artwork with an Ultrasonic sensor. If your artwork will move from the place the ultrasonic sensor will indicate and the python app will send an email and the buzzer and the LED will on. Tell us about your project. Why did you choose to make it? I like to use parts of hardware and I also like to code in phyton. In this project, I can use my both knowledge. I use in this project Raspberry Pi, Ultrasonic sensor, LED, and Buzzer which I control with Phyton. What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out? I didn’t want to use the breadboard for the project. Therefore, I had to solder the parts myself. I haven't done this before. It was a very exciting task. The coding part caused the difficulty of how to send a message. But I managed to solve it. Here is the code: Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time? If I had more time, I would wrap the hardware to make it look better.


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