Cellular Ecosystem: Life in a petri dish

The Project

This game was inspired by a problem in the world, vulnerability of biodiversity. It shows the fragileness of ecosystems, and the rarity of balance. There are 9 species of cells, with 4 types among them: Herbivores: are docile and slow and eat their corresponding type of greens and under, eg: tier 3 herbivores can eat greens 1-3. Carnivores: eat the herbivores, omnivores and each other, Omnivores: they eat everything Greens: are stationary and exist to be eaten Each cell can eat a thing with the same amount of nuclei or less as it eg: a tier 2 carnivore eats a tier 2 herbivore. Carnivores and omnivores can only eat other carnivores and omnivores that have less nuclei than them.


About the team

  • Ireland
  • CoderDojo

Team members

  • Kian