GCSE Computer Science revision game

The Project

A revision game with an emphasis on applying knowledge learned with more problem solving type questions, but also some focusing on matching keywords to definitions which I realized was more important than I had initially thought after interviewing my computer science teacher. It is a 2 player game and players take it in turns to roll the dice and then they move that number of squares and if they land on a challenge square the relevant challenge is displayed. If the player gets the challenge correct then the relevant digit of their 4 digit 'exit code' is displayed next to their name. If a player gets to the exit square and they have earned all 4 of their digits then the game will end and it will tell you which player won. I forgot to add in the video that I would also like to make the game more user friendly by adding a start menu that displays the instructions of how to play, as well as improve the user interface as a whole e.g. make the buttons look more appealing and make them change colour when you hover over them. Apologies for the background noise and the blurry code - I hope you are still able to read it.


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