Automatic speed meter

The Project

The project is controlled by two arduino boards. One to control the circuit that manages the match. Another that manages the electronic circuit of the arrival. Time starts to count as soon as the student goes through a laser controlled by the arduino that is starting and ends when the student crosses the laser controlled by the incoming arduino. The arrival arduino, through an RF transmitter, sends the information that the student has reached the end of the test and the departure arduino receives, through an RF receiver, and calculates the time, presenting it in an excel. The time is calculated taking into account the time since the arduino board is connected. It is obtained in milliseconds using the millis () function, calculating the difference between the value returned on departure and on arrival, dividing by 1000. The time is presented in seconds, with two decimal places. The name of the students who are going to take the test is previously entered.


About the team

  • Portugal
  • Code Club

Team members

  • Daniel
  • Guilherme