Teach your dog manners project

The Project

The aim of this project is to teach your dog manners. Some dogs get really excited when someone is at the door. This can be dangerous because the dog might run outside when the door opens, and it is embarrassing when your friends cannot enter the house because there is an exciting dog over there. Our dog-feeder is activated when someone rings the doorbell. You should place the feeder in the living room. The dog learns that when the doorbell rings, he should run to the feeder to get some treats (I can explain the steps of the training later). The dog soon learns that when the bell rings he should be in the living room. The project requires the following tools: Raspberry Pi, Sound Sensor, raspberry pi motor control h bridge, motor, or Lego motor with control, cheese, and patience. What was difficult? To build a massive feeder that won't turn upside down when the doggy runs there. What would I improve? The feeder. It should be able to give only a few bits one time, not all.


About the team

  • United Kingdom
  • Code Club

Team members

  • Gaspar
  • Lenke