Make Blind Recognize Things by Touching Things Around Them Using MakeyMakey

This project aims to make the life of the blind easy by identifying things around them through the sense of touch. We thought about finding a tool to help them and in the period that we use the MakeyMakey hardware to design projects like game, we found the MakeyMakey looks like a circuit when join between the positive and negative electrodes pass charges. We did our first experiment using MakeyMakey it was makey the LED (light-emitting diode) turn on and turn off . We also found that things can be connected when linked with alligator wires like apple, banana and orange and we made a game using Scratch to make the cat go up when we touch the orange and make it go down when we touch apple. Through these projects we have undertaken we found that a project could be designed to assist the blind in identifying objects through the sense of touch. This project link is available on

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