Agartha Lore. Rebellion

Agartha lore is my primary project. I am working on it for two years. At the base, this is a third-person RPG game, taking place inside the cavities of the earth, generically called Agartha. I have started my research studying the history of the hollow earth theories, following mythologies around the world, and the original Edmond Halley theory. Scientifically this idea was demonstrated false by Schiehallion Experiment, conducted by Charles Hutton around 1774, but it survived in fiction to this day. The next step was to establish a fictional history timeline for my underground realm, involving the Agartha indigenous civilization, "The EarthDogs", the Human Invasion, and the final enslavement of the original inhabitants of the underground cavities. The Agathean complex multicultural structure, based on the dynamic relations between three different species, humans, earthdogs, and ralstonia, was developed as a metaphor to the real world. The present episode, "Agartha Lore. Rebellion" follows the path of the civilizing hero from the first chapter, metamorphosed in "The Walker", a genetic and cultural hybrid, the potential unifier of all Agarthans. In this chapter, the majority of the assets involved in game design are my creations, I have used Fusion 360, for buildings and mechanisms, ZBrush Core for characters and some items, 3ds Max as a format converter and Blender for some of the textures. The engine used is Unreal Engine, versions 4.20-4.23. My intention is to continue the idea, with another two episodes, but this really means a full reconstruction of the whole game, because my knowledge is expanding and I find new ways to solve the technical problems involved.

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