AI Trash Can

The Project

This trash can can automatically separate the trash. I used ML2 scratch. I use camera and let computer learn what type of trash it is. To learn what type of trash it is, we have to take picture every place. I took a lot of picture for one trash in one place. But if computer learn more, AI Trash can learn more type of the trash. Then I will tell how to use this trash can. First push the space button and start. Next put the trash in front of the camera. I want people to think what type trash you have. So push the number button. Then next computer will think and open the correct trash bin's lid. At last if people and computer's answer is same you can get a snack. Also kids want snack so every one will became putting trash in garbage in correct place. This is the ML2 Scratch's URL:


About the team

  • Japan
  • CoderDojo

Team members

  • Momoka