The Project

Tyrex is a mobile application designed to help you become an expert at maintaining your tyres. Defective tyres are a contributing factor in at least one of every 10 fatal crashes in Ireland a year! Driver habits around tyre maintainance are very poor with many drivers realising they have dangerous tyres when they get their car serviced or go for their NCT test and sadly, some when it is too late! With Tyrex users can learn the importance of tyre maintainence, how to check their tyre pressure and thread depth and downlaod a free tool to check tyre threads with. They can also seek help in the case of a tyre emergemcy, locating their nearest garages using a google maps API or allowing them to call the AA or emergency services through the app. It also features videos on how to change a tyre or help with tyre emergencies.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I chose to make this project following some background research into the main causes of car accidents in an effort to improve road safety. i was alarmed by some of the statistics I found during my research - 37,470 people got penalty points for bald/defective/low thread depth in the year 2020.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

I found the coding difficult, it was m first time making an app so I found it challenging to use different functions I wanted!

Next time, I would...

I am keen to add some AI into the app, it would be great to make it function that when someone takes a photo of their tyre, it would be able to calculate a persons thread depth. I feel people would check their tyres more if it was this simple!

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