Balloon Shooter

The Project

The game consists of an arrow, bow and some balloons. To play it, you need to press the left and right arrow keys to move the bow and arrow and then press and release the space bar to shoot. If a balloon is shot, the score will go up by one. The score is in the corner of the screen and helps you keep track of how many balloons you have hit.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

The reason why we thought of coding a game would be interesting is because we have learnt gaming and we have learnt python coding. We wanted to see how to put them together.

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

The most difficult parts of the game were loading the images and programming the balloon to move in random directions and appear and disappear from the screen. However, we found that the more we did it , we got used to it and it was quite easy after that.

Next time, we would...

If we had more time, we would have added more balloons and in different shapes and colours to make the game more exciting. For example, maybe the user could insert the number of balloons they want and the game would change accordingly.

About the team

  • United Kingdom

Team members

  • Jia
  • Aadya