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The Project

To explain the use of our application, we suggest the following situation as an example: In the morning going to school, you decide to throw away the garbage and noti ce that the trash tanks are full. On each of the containers there is a QR-code which, being scanned, opens the application in Google.


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

We have chosen to create this application to improve the environment (overloaded garbage tanks in towns and villages, the releasing of exhaust gasses during garbage collection).

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

Being beginners in using the Android Studio application and knowledgeable of the Java programming language, it was difficult for us to write the codes and navigate through the application data.

Next time, we would...

If we had had more available time for the development of the application, we would have included the geo-location, which would have automatically detected where the person is and a map with points of different colors that would indicate the status of the trash tank (green - empty,...)

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Judge Feedback

Your app is very innovative and thoughtfully consider accessibility and access needs of those who may use it. The colour selection for your app’s features were a great choice. Incredible work!

About the team

  • Moldova

Team members

  • Iana
  • Cristina