Game - Underwater Life

The Project

I created a game based on a dialogue between two characters about the waste that reaches the bottom of the oceans, which endangers fish species. A diver must collect the waste in a period of time so that it does not touch the fishs. The diver is coordinated using the a, d, s, w keys.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I created this project because I really like fish and I want to eat fish raised in their natural environment and not indoors. I like to create games based on real life problems.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

I found it harder to create "blocks" to define in order to take certain commands to move to the next level after reaching a certain number of points, but it didn't work out. I replaced it with the standard blocks in the application.

Next time, I would...

I will look for tutorials on the internet how to include and to add blocks to create a levels game, because it takes more time, after which I will adapt to this game. I will add an enemy to attack the diver so that the dexterity in the use of the keys can be seen.

About the team

  • Romania
  • CoderDojo

Team members

  • Andrei Cristian