School Management System

The Project

This is a school management system it used to store data safely with warranty. And used to centralized data easily with school . It includes staff , student and employee registration, payments, leave and other related things


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I saw in my country in TPLF war their are allot of data's are damaged in our country Ethiopia

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

The difficult is find allot of errors now the project is almost 90% but totally it realise to use after 1 month

Next time, I would...

Yes I want to add grade system specially if I get a time

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Judge Feedback

It was brilliant to hear about your school management system. The level of detail and the amount of different areas you’ve considered is really impressive! It’s clear you saw a real need for the system from your own experience of the Ethiopian school system and from seeing the importance of managing and preserving data that could be lost due to external influences. Well done on continuing with the project in the face of lots of annoying bugs and errors - The best engineers show resilience in the face of technical challenges and it’s absolutely clear that you’ve been really resilient in developing your project to help schools in your country. I wish you all the best with finishing the program and getting it out into the world!

About the team

  • Ethiopia

Team members

  • Nebyu Daniel