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The Project

My project "Our Planet, our impact" consists in the creation of a multilingual website to calculate our environmental footprint. There is a plastic bottles calculator counting our impact per week/year/life and the total in weight and size, a calculator counting the water consumption over a week/year/life as well as the cost, a "STATS" page with the most interesting statistics of “theworldcounts.com” website where certain statistics are highlighted, such as the time remaining before water/food shortage. And finally, three explanatory videos where I give, for example, my water consumption and bottles over a year, for a class and for all the children in Belgium. The results obtained are impressive! Here are the links to my videos : Bottle calculator : https://youtu.be/izGXWTk1bCc Water calculator : https://youtu.be/SVdYcoBmBow Statistics : https://youtu.be/2ZS6d0VlwKw


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I feel concerned about the future of our planet and one of my centre of interest is information technology in general, but particularly coding. I wanted to combine these to try to increase the awareness of people about their environmental footprint.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

As I had only experience in basic html coding; I had to figure out how to create webpages including calculation modules, fancy animations and a translator (to make the understanding of my work as universal as possible) with the help of CoderDojo coaches.

Next time, I would...

If I had more time, I would like to add other functionalities to it; such as a more detailed impact calculator and a forum where people could share their ideas to save the world. In addition, I would have preferred making my website more accessible and easy to use on other devices than a computer.

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Judge Feedback

My favorite thing about the project was how creatively it was presented. I loved Amaury's story telling and of course the calculators were a really cool way to really bring out the impact of plastic waste that we create!

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