The Project

Technozania is a world or a community to step into, for anyone who is eager to learn about the current modern technology or share their own knowledge with the community. It particularly encourages young minds and students to step into the world of CODING because it is one of the most beneficial things in life to know as it develops a person’s problem-solving skills.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I have chosen to do this project as it could be especially useful for all young learners as CODING is important especially for young students because CODING IS FUN! That’s why Technozania knows its importance and it offers free courses that you can follow and expand your knowledge.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

Creating this project was a challenge as when I had started making this project, I was in 6th and I did not know a lot about back-end programming. But I studied over it. This project is really close to my heart as I had always wished to have a website of my own that I created from scratch.

Next time, I would...

Yes, I would have added blogs, comments, interactive elements and live classes in this project if I had more time. But I will still be working on the mentioned features and try to submit my updated project in the next event of Coolest Projects.

About the team

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Team members

  • Ojas