Buzz Wire Game

I wanted to make a game to play with my younger brother Hassan brother during the COVID19 closure. I took the main idea for setting the game from Frustration project from the Raspberry Pi Foundation ( Since I don't have a microbit, I used my Makey Makey. I made it a two player game and I am keeping track of the time instead of counting how many fails. The player who finishes in less time wins! I did the programming using Scratch, I also put an option for those who don't have a Makey Makey they can play a single game by taking a ball through a tunnel (like a course), I took the idea from the race boat project. My project is here ( The challenging part, I tried to make lives but it didn't work well. Instead I changed it to count time and the winner who hit the end button with less time. If I had more time, I would make longer courses with obstacles. I hopped you could play the game in real life :) Have fun!"

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