CubeSpeedee Timer

The Project

The Cubespeedee Timer is a DIY replica of a speedcubing timer. It uses two capacitive touch sensors on either side of the timer to time speedcubing solves. You place both hands on the pads, the screen turns red and after a short delay the screen turns green and you lift your hands off the pads and the timer will start. Once you have solved the cube you place your hands back on the pads and the timer will stop. When starting a new solve, you see a randomly generated list of moves to scramble the cube with. After each solve a new scramble is generated. While timing, you can see the time in minutes and seconds (-:--) and once the timer has stopped you can see the time more precisely in the format minutes, seconds, milliseconds (-:--.--).


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I believe that commercial speedcubing timers are too expensive for what you get and don’t have many features for the price. I also wanted to create a project in something I am passionate about so that I can maintain my interest and make it easier for me to record my times. Creating a DIY timer has a

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

I found it difficult to program the timer function as it is a lot of code and is rather complicated.

Next time, I would...

I would add a function for the timer to save times and view them later. I would also build a better body and use a separate capacitive touch sensor breakout for the pads to hide the cables and also implement a battery to take on the go.

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Judge Feedback

You explained your project very well! Your project is fun, playful, creative, and challenging! Well done for 57.99 seconds.

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