The Project

Watey is an app that allows families to save water easily and enjoyably. The AI identifies the sound of your shower and automatically measures your usage, so there's no need for tedious measuring and recording! Flow meters and microbits can also be used for more accurate measurements. The amount of water saved can be shared with family members. As everyone works together to meet their water conservation goals, more and more fish in the sea will be added!


Team Comments

We chose to make this project because...

Japanese person use 280 liters per day on average. (the minimum amount of water required per day is 50 liters.)Many people in the world are in need of water. Besides, using water emits a lot of CO2 because it uses electricity.We end up pumping a lot of non-renewable resources such as groundwater.

What we found difficult and how we worked it out

We met weekly to share our progress and discuss what to do. We had many technical challenges, specifically AI sound recognition, measuring water volume with a water flow meter, illustrations, and video production, but we overcame them by thinking about them with our mentors and as a team.

Next time, we would...

We want to further improve our AI accuracy and add exciting features by the end of this year.We are planning to add the Twitter feature. By sharing others in addition to family members, it can encourage the users to save more.

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Judge Feedback

Watey is a really fun game that involves the whole family and uses behavioral design to tackle water usage. I loved the element of family bonding and competition that could motivate people to use water with scarcity. Well done!

About the team

  • Japan
  • CoderDojo

Team members

  • Yuuka
  • Akari
  • Otowa
  • Lila