Liquid Dispenser

The Project

It's a liquid dispenser that can be used at parties to use it store drinks including regular juices, water, soft drinks, beverage including wines. You press the buttons, the drink will flow out. There can be two separate drinks stored and with the help of the extension module, I can add more storage for drinks so I can add more drinks and increase liquid storage capacity. The regular liquid storage capacity is 2 L for each drink. The outer body of this dispenser was made out of cardboard which instead of ending up in a bin, was used up for this project. This is also a recycling project. You don't need a plastic bottle, you just need a cup! Instead of buying water bottles, I have this in my room and I can refill its storage directly from tap water.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

When my family was doing a party everyone wanted drinks of their choice and it was chaotic. That's why I made this so no spilling of drink or waste. Kids enjoy drinking water just because this is a machine that works with the press of a button! Also, this reduces the use of plastic bottles.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

Making the drink stay inn when the button was not pressed, especially when you have fizzy drinks! They increase the pressure in the storage and the drink gets out of the pipe. So I made a hole that can be opened and closed automatically keeping the pressure medium at all times.

Next time, I would...

I would make it motion detection so you don't even have to press the button. I can use PIR for that and Arduino to customize settings!

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