Sentimental Analysis

The Project

Our Idea is basically that I have a software which can tell about your emotions on the basis of your face patterns and Voice tonnes . It's works like if you visit to any Ecommerce site for shopping and you don't always gives reviews to all products which you likes or dislikes So, my software will help in this to solve this problem it's work like if you visit to any product and you like it and you give a nice smile and say "it's a nice Product" then My software will recognise your face patterns and Voice tonnes then analysis it and save your data which will helps A.I to give you a 💯 times better recommendations and show you more better results/ products And it's can gives this data to service provider also that will help him to give more better service by analysing what's customers likes or dislikes It's not only for e-commerce it will useful for all service based industries


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

When i visit on Youtube or Play Store i mostly see they ask for rating but most of the time customers don't give any rating or review that can be very useful for companies to make their products Orr services more better. This is something that can be use by any service based industry .

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

Most difficult thing I found is to collect data of face patterns and voice tonnes.

Next time, I would...

Yes, if i have more time and recourses i will try to add thermal sensor to it that help it to sense emotional temperature of body that will help the software to pridict about sentiment more better.

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