A Context-Aware Intelligent System to Assist User Profile Filtering using AI and Deep Learning

The Project

Community based websites such as social networks and online forums usually require users to register by providing profile information and avatars. It is important to ensure these user uploaded information comply with the website policy. This includes the information being personal, related and clear, as well as not containing unhealthy/disturbing content. A review or censorship system is usually deployed to review new user registration. Nowadays, many platforms still use manual review or rely on 3rd party APIs. However, manual review is time- consuming and costly. While 3rd party services are not tailored to the specific business needs thus do not provide enough accuracy.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

Nowadays, many platforms still use manual review, where some contractors are hired to perform evaluation tasks and decide whether the image/text comply with policy. However, there are several limitations with manual review

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

Review needs to be scalable and fast to keep up with the growth of the platform Review needs to be accurate Review needs to be subjective and maintain a consistent standard

Next time, I would...

We need to minimize the probability of denying qualified registration as well as passing unqualified registration. Manual review is not accurate as humans make mistakes. Review is a repetitive and tedious process where it’s easy for a person to get tired and make mistakes.

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