Snailed It!

The Project

You are a snail trying to survive. The Great Salt Shaker is dumping deadly salt everywhere. Your job is to avoid the salt while eating as much apples as you can. Remember: You can only go so long without starving to death - so eat apples as quickly as possible. I am working on a desktop operating system for the Raspberry Pi.


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

When I started coding with Scratch years ago, my first playable game was similar to Snailed It! The player was a snail and the objective of the game was to avoid the salt.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

The first game was very boring and graphically disgusting. However, years later I decided the concept could still work. Ultimately I revamped the game, not just the graphics and the coding, but the game itself. Required to collect apples before time runs out, the player does more than avoid salt.

Next time, I would...

Nope. I am happy with the project and am excited to go onto new ones. I had plenty of time to complete and polish the game.

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