Orange Cube 1 || A Platformer

The Project

You live in Orange Cube, a vibrant, and entertaining, city. Then Voldemort came to Orange Cube and found out that Harry Potter had visited Orange Cube yesterday. Voldemort grew angry, waved his wand, and destroyed one of the buildings nearby. He then set about trying to take Orange Cube off the map. Every civilian of Orange Cube left the city, but not you. You fought Voldemort until he gave up and left what used to be Orange Cube. You need to stop Voldemort, and fast!


Team Comments

I chose to make this project because...

I chose this project because I had never made a platformer before.

What I found difficult and how I worked it out

I found it difficult to upload the song I made, on Garageband, onto my project. I also wasn't sure what to do when the player didn't detect the ground, so I looked on Youtube to solve the problem.

Next time, I would...

Maybe animate the cube/player when it moves around.

About the team

  • Australia
  • CoderDojo

Team members

  • Zachery