Face Mask Detector

The Project

A ‘Face Mask Detector’ that leverages Machine Learning to recognize whether a person is wearing a mask or not and accordingly ask a person to immediately put on a mask. He identified that a lot of people were not wearing masks and this was leading to massive spread of COVID 19 and hence, as a solution to this problem, I developed a prototype that could detect if a person has put on a mask or not. If a model detects a face mask, it says out loud, “Thank you for wearing a mask”, and if it figures the absence of a mask, it asks a person to wear a mask immediately. This system can be enhanced and used in public places - markets, schools, parks, corporates etc. or any place where there is a camera. It would allow lowering the risk of transmission and prompting people to keep wearing masks. If required, this can also be deployed for the monitoring purposes. In Shoaib’s words, “Using the same model, we can also create a system such that the entry door of offices, malls etc. would not open until one wears a mask.”


About the team

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