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My project “Virtual Assistant” entertains children, especially when they want to talk to someone during quarantine. It is a python projects that generates jokes and creates pen drawings. 1. Tell us about your project. Why did you choose to make this project? 2. What did you find difficult while making your project and how did you work it out? 3. Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time? Virtual Assistant 1. When I’m bored, I always start asking Siri random stuff. And so, I decided to make my own Siri... behold the Virtual Assistant! Virtual Assistant is a python program that creates jokes and makes pen art. 2. This was my first big python program, so I didn’t know how to write many things. I have only used Scratch, and so Python was very confusing. (If I got a dollar every time I got an error, I would be a millionaire!) I had to research how many things were written because I couldn’t just go to Events and pull a block out of the section. 3. If I had more time, I would have liked to add more features to the assistant so it could solve math problems, and tell stories. I also would have liked to add on to my current features, such as adding more jokes and art.


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