Save the Seas

The Project

Mankind has been dumping lot of rubbish in the seas. Now it is time to clean up the mess we have made. A scratch project based game to clean up the oceans of all the rubbish that we have dumped in the sea. Use arrow keys and the space bar to play the game. Use the space bar to pickup the rubbish and take care not to catch the fish. 1. My project is a game about saving the sea and collecting rubbish in the waters. You use the left and right arrow keys to move and the space key to lower your claw, which will grab the rubbish if it is touching it. What inspired me to make this project was the decrease in sea life population (as us humans litter regularly) because it was very sad to find out that lots of sea life die every day so I decided to spread the word to not litter in the form of a game. 2. The things I found tricky in the project was the background around the ship was tricky and I had to cut the shape of the ship out for it to work. 3. I would have added a better picture of the claw and if I had more time to finish my project I would have added a bit more rubbish and fish to make the game a little more challenging.


About the team

  • United Kingdom
  • Raspberry Jam

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  • Jay