Robot to catch space debris.(AI robot)

★I made a robot to catch space debris.★ It catches space debris and throws it into the earth's atmosphere. 1. Infrared sensors detect space debris. 2. If it detects, chase the space debris. 3. And, it drops into the earth's atmosphere and burns it. 4. Use the ultrasonic sensor to avoid obstacles. 5. The compass module detects the direction. ★ NO.1 Why did you choose to make it? Space debris destroys artificial satellite and manned spacecraft and the International Space Station. There are still more than 4,500 tons left. If it hits a manned spacecraft, the life of the crew is dangerous. If it collides with a satellite, serious problems will occur, such as the loss of GPS. Space debris is a serious problem. However, the method of completely removing the space debris has not been found yet. I found out about that and decided to make the robots to catch space debris ★NO.2 What did you find difficult while making your projects and how did you work it out? The challenge was to make sure that the robot didn't get out of the line. Therefore, when the line sensor detects a line, the robot comes back while rotating in o.7 and o.3 seconds. I failed a lot and tried. I thought it was important to make many mistakes if I wanted to learn. ★ NO.3 Is there anything you would do differently or you would add if you had more time? What I want to challenge now is to attach the arms in front. When I detect debris, I want to make it so that the large arms will come out and catch it. I want to program the value and timing to detect. And I want to modify it so that it can move in outer space.

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