Mars Rover Simulator

The Project

"This is game that based on real story, about NASA mission to MARS that use ATLAS V rocket to carrying mars rover named PERSEVERANCE. In this game the player can understand why mission to mars is very important, and player can control the mission, and help perseverance that try to survive in mars hars environment" ===1. WHY I CHOOSE THIS PROJECT?=== I Choose To Make This Project Because I'm Interested About Space And Lately NASA Landed It's Rover On Mars Which Will Be Very Important For The Continuation of Mankind. And I Want The People Who Play My Game To Understand About This Mission. ===2. WHAT I FIND DIFFICULTIES AND HOW DID I WORK IT OUT?=== I Find It Difficult To Find Accurate Information About The History Of Mars And Limitless Images On Google About Perseverance And Sometimes I Find Bugs And Coding Complexities And I Work It Out By Reading A Lot Information About The Perseverance Rover. ===3. IS THERE ANY I WOULD DO DIFFERENTLY OR I WOULD ADD IF I HAD MORE TIME?=== If I Had More Time, I Would Make A Detailed Game About How The Detailed Rover Works to Find Signs of life On Mars That Will Be Useful For Mankind. And I Will Make The Game More Fun.


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