anti-touching face cap for covid19

The Project

1.our project name is ANTI-FACE TOUCHING CAP. we all see that in the covid19 pendamic doctors are advised to maintain social distance and not to touch nose,eyes,mouth unnecessary because this help to the virus more rapidely and also not virus but some bacteria who infect the human,that is the reason behind why we choose to make this project. working- we use ultrasonic sensor,arduino uno,buzzer and power bank using programming in arduino ide to make this project.we make a cap inbuilt with all these components,if person wear this cap and try to touch their face unnecessaraly the cap alert the person to not to touch your face.This cap only train the person. 2.we have seen no difficulty to make this project. 3.In future we add photovolatic cell for provide free energy to the circuit under the cap.


About the team

  • India
  • Code Club

Team members

  • sonali ramaji
  • lina umesh
  • samiksha sudhakar